Our roots run deep...

When we set out on this wine venture in 2000, we hadn’t even given Copeland Vineyard its name. In fact, when our family made the decision to add a vineyard and winery to its storied farming portfolio, we were merely “the help” (tractor drivers, forklift operators, El Ranchito take-out retrievers). Sure enough, our childhood “summers on the farm” eventually became “life on the farm” as we became increasingly involved with the new and exciting wine project.

It soon became evident that we had not so much found our calling, but it had found us. One could argue that five generations of Yakima Valley farming pulsing through our veins predisposed us to dirty fingernails and an inherent love of the land. We couldn’t agree more.

So, when life and a heavy dose of fate provided us the opportunity to make the winery a true test of our brotherly love, we jumped at the chance and purchased it from our family in 2006. What was once Schmidt Orchards, planted by our grandfather, Phil Schmidt in 1951, became Copeland Vineyard that we planted with our uncle, Ron Schmidt, in 2000.

With said dirt in our veins, an intense curiosity and a conviction for quality and potential for winegrapes in the west end of the Yakima valley we are constantly striving for improvement.  From Copeland Vineyard we have expanded our farming operation to include seven diverse estate vineyard sites and five manage properties. 

 Our vineyard philosophy is simple; take nothing at its face, pay attention to the details, try new things, fail, learn from those failures, grow, evolve, push the envelope, produce the best fruit that expresses this place.